23. lokakuuta 2017

JSM: LauttSSK 2 Draws with HämSK (2000+)

LauttSSK 2 – HämSK 2–2

Lehtinen Tero (1880) – Helenius Martti (2239) 0–1
Kumar Ashwin (1879) – Joentakanen Kullervo (2142) 0-1
Kauppinen Jyrki (1877) – Kivi Jouni (2025) ½–½
Kokko Esa (1839) – Vähäuski Toni (2005) 1–0
Piippo Mikko (1822) – Filen Hannu (2015) 1-0

In retrospect, the LauttSSK 2 team performed what can only be termed as a miracle by drawing against a team comprised of all 2000+ opponents. I say in retrospect because at the time I felt pretty miserable after my own loss, knowing that a different result would have made our team win the round. As I walked back home that evening, I thought to myself that I should be more like Tero, who was cheerfully getting drinks, making jokes, and dropping everyone home despite losing his own game (which he is really good at).

Hats off to Mikko, Esa, and Jyrki who played really well to tame their much higher rated opponents despite the long car journey. Looks like Mikko is finally returning to his old winning ways. Esa had a really nervy game but did really well to win.

Thanks to Tero for driving us to the venue. He also had what looked like a pretty solid position, but it wasn't enough to tame the 2200 opponent.

My own game was pretty disappointing. It looked decent for a while, but then it went a bit haywire, and ultimately my endgame skills were not sufficient enough to earn a draw. I seem to overthink things a lot in these long games. Need to find the right balance between intuition and deep thought.

Joentakanen (2142) vs Kumar (1879)

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