Chess Club in Lauttasaari, Helsinki

In Lauttasaari, Helsinki, we have a chess club with friendly and international atmosphere. We meet on Wednesdays at 18:30 in the club room of Lauttasaari church, Myllykallionrinne 1 D, Helsinki. The "D" door is 25 meters from the bell-tower:

Our club tournaments and club evenings are free of charge also for non-members. Beginners are given ad hoc training if needed, and extra time on the chess clock.

We play

  • Blitz 3'+02" (3 min + 2 sec increment) or 5 + 5 min (round-robin, 10–15 players) on most Wednesdays.
  • Rapid chess 10'+05" (5 rounds) on the last Wednesday of each month.

Special Wednesdays in 2020:

  • 1.1. Club room is closed
  • 27.5. Fischerandom tournament (10'+05")
  • 22.7. Instead of club room, we play Blitz Championship (5') at Restaurant Seurasaari at 17:00
  • 25.11. Fischerandom tournament (10'+05")
  • 16.12. Christmas Blitz (3'+02") at 18:00
  • 23.12. Club room is closed

Everyone is welcome to participate in our club tournaments and club evenings. There are excellent metro and bus connections (enter destination Myllykallionrinne 1) between Lauttasaari and both central Helsinki and Otaniemi campus in Espoo.

Our club is a good choice, say, for exchange students who want to continue playing chess while studying in Finland. Sometimes even people just briefly visiting Helsinki have come to Lauttasaari to play a few games with us.

We are looking forward to seeing you at our chess club!

Ask more if you are interested in visiting us:, +358 50 4864451.