18. huhtikuuta 2022

Kirkolle toukokuussa 2022

Lauttasaaren kirkon peruskorjaus valmistui ajallaan, ja LauttSSK:n viikoittainen kilpailuilta (kerhopelaajien pika- ja nopea shakki) palaa Lähteeltä kirkon uusittuihin kerhotiloihin toukokuussa.

Pelaamme C-rapun 2. kerroksen kahdessa kerhohuoneessa (nimeltään Katajaharju ja Koivusaari), joiden välissä on ovi ja joihin mahtuu yhteensä noin 20 henkeä. Aikuisten kerhohuoneissa ei tarvitse enää kyyristellä lasten tuoleilla ja pöydillä, kuten aiemmin.

Toukokuun keskiviikkojen ohjelma klo 18:

  • 4.5. pikashakin GP-sarjan osakilpailu (3'+02")
  • 11.5. analyysi-ilta (tuo kiinnostava peli, jota voit esitellä muille)
  • 18.5. pikashakkia (3'+02")
  • 25.5. Fischer Random (10'+05")

Viimeiset kilpailuillat Lähteellä pelataan ke 20.4. ja 27.4.

LauttSSK:n harrasteilta (shakkiopetus) jatkuu Lauttasaaren kirjastossa keskiviikkoisin klo 17–20 ainakin toukokuun 2022 loppuun saakka.

LauttSSK will move back to the Lauttasaari church premises on 4.5. The new address will be Myllykallionrinne 1 C 2 (C door, 2nd floor).

1. huhtikuuta 2022

Player of April: Maxime Muller

Learning chess moves

This was when I was a kid, around 10 years.

How often do you play chess?

At least once a week, on Wednesday, then at some other opportunities, when there are tournaments. As well I play a little bit online but very fast chess, so not very serious. A few months ago I also used to work a lot with books but lately time has been pretty rare.

Joining a chess club

My first club was in a small village when I was a kid, for a couple of years. Quite good club when I joined, but if I am not mistaking, right now the club is dying. Then for studies I had to move, I was in Grenoble chess club for two years, and when arriving in Finland, I usually go to play some blitz at Lauttasaari on Wednesday.

Achievements in chess

I managed one year (2014 I believe) to qualify for youth French championship, which wasn't easy as there were quite a lot of other people playing. I didn't do that great in the championship, but I was already so happy I could play and gain some important experience and knowledge about the game.

A lucky win

There might have been some more lucky but the last lucky win I recall was actually recently, in a rapid game. I was playing against a guy who had 200 or 300 rating points more than me, but that I had beaten quite convincingly twice, and who was I think scared of me. He ended up having a passed pawn on the board at one square of promotion with both of us with a queen and a rook. As well my king was weak, his king was safe. He chose to repeat the position even though it looked so winning. In addition, he had a simple winning move that would have made me resign if he had played it. But luckily this ended up in a draw.

A bitter loss

This game was played against a Fide master in 2019, right before covid started. At that time I had very little theoretical knowledge of oppenings, particularly against d4 as Black. Right from the beginning I was playing very bad moves, showing that I didn't understand anything about openings, and I went on to lose quickly, crushed, in around 20 moves, within an hour (short for classical game). It is natural to lose against a stronger player, but not like that.

The worst blunder

There is one recently that was really tough for me. This summer I was playing in a tournament in Vandoeuvre, and was at some point facing an opponent who had more than 400 rating points more than me. I fought very hard in a complex and dangerous middle to end up in an endgame with opposite-colored bishops + rooks, where I had 2 pawns and him only one. This was most likely a draw, but at least it wasn't possible to lose that. After around 4 and a half hour of game, I somehow blundered my bishop and the game a few moves later.

A memorable chess experience

Playing twice in online bullet (1'+0" time control) against MVL (who used to be top 1 French player for many years) was quite nice and exciting. I would have preferred slower time control but I was already lucky to play with him.

Chess idols

MVL, Alireza Firouzja and of course Carlsen, but I do appreciate some other players such as Duda or Dubov.

Favorite time control

Obviously this is blitz! 3'+02".