28. toukokuuta 2023

Peli-illan ovimaksu kesällä 2023

LauttSSK:n kerhohuoneen vuokran kattamiseksi peli-illan osallistujilta kerätään ovimaksu kesällä 2023:

  • Kertamaksu on 2 euroa.
  • Usein käyvä pääsee halvemmalla hankkimalla 10 euron kausikortin, jolla saa pelata kesä–elokuun 2023 ajan ja jonka voi maksaa kerhon tilille FI78 1020 5000 1272 28 (viitenumero 1122).
  • Nuori (syntynyt 2003–) saa 50 %:n alennuksen kertamaksusta ja kausikortista.
  • Uusi pelaaja pääsee tutustumaan maksutta 1. kerralla.

Ovimaksun voi maksaa

  • käteisellä viikkokilpailun toimitsijalle tai
  • MobilePay-sovelluksella numeroon +358504864451 (Jyrki Heikkinen).

20. toukokuuta 2023

Simul by Juhani Lehti

National Master Juhani Lehti gave a simultaneous exhibition at the Lauttasaari library on May 20, 2023.

The 11 participants were "beginners" who have been playing at the library or at the beginners' tournaments at Shakkiareena. For most of them, this was their first or second long game.

The shortest game lasted 2 hours (20 moves), and the longest one a bit over 3 hours (45 moves).

Playing as Black in every game, Juhani got the result 9 wins and 2 draws (against Isroilkhon Salikhodjaev and Emil Horttanainen).

The players can analyze their games with Juhani at the library on Wednesday, May 24, at 17–20.

The next simul is planned to be played in the fall.

The first photo by Pasi Paasonen

4. toukokuuta 2023

Player of May: Mikhail Mitiushin

Learning chess moves

My father (also in the photo) taught me to play chess when I was 5 years old. At the age of 7, I already started playing professionally in the chess club.

How often do you play chess?

Every day. When I have free time, I pick up my phone and play blitz.

Joining a chess club

I spent my whole life in one club: Boris Spassky Club, St. Petersburg. In this club I have got great achievements. It was a great time, but after I turned 18, I had to leave the club. Lauttasaari is my second club. I hope I don't have to change clubs again, and I can help the club win trophies.

Achievements in chess

I cannot list all my achievements in chess because there are so many of them. But the most important thing for me is the fact that I no longer play chess professionally in the club, but I still play at a good level.

The best game

My best game is waiting for me.

A memorable chess experience

There have been a lot of chess games in my life, so it's hard for me to choose one. I hope that my best and most memorable games are waiting of me.

Opening repertoire

I like unusual debuts.

Playing style

It's hard for me to describe my chess style. I don't like to play standard parts, but always something new and unusual. So that the opponent can never prepare for a game with me.

Motto in chess

Chess is more than a game.

Chess idols

Hikaru Nakamura.

Favorite time control

I love fast chess, up to 15 minutes for each game.