20. toukokuuta 2023

Simul by Juhani Lehti

National Master Juhani Lehti gave a simultaneous exhibition at the Lauttasaari library on May 20, 2023.

The 11 participants were "beginners" who have been playing at the library or at the beginners' tournaments at Shakkiareena. For most of them, this was their first or second long game.

The shortest game lasted 2 hours (20 moves), and the longest one a bit over 3 hours (45 moves).

Playing as Black in every game, Juhani got the result 9 wins and 2 draws (against Isroilkhon Salikhodjaev and Emil Horttanainen).

The players can analyze their games with Juhani at the library on Wednesday, May 24, at 17–20.

The next simul is planned to be played in the fall.

The first photo by Pasi Paasonen

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