23. huhtikuuta 2015

Board Meeting 11.3.2015

Board meeting 11.3.2015 was held at Casa Mare on Wednesday at 17.00.

Present: Jyrki Heikkinen, Arto Heimonen, Janne Kauppinen, Arto Lindholm, Pasi Paasonen, Lasse Anttonen and Ashwin Kumar.

Chairman Jyrki Heikkinen opened meeting at 17.00. Meeting was legal and decision capable.

Items at meeting:

  • Lauttasaari rapid tournament at Shakkiareena on Sunday 12.4.2015. Arbiters were selected and practicalities of organizing the tournament discussed.
  • Future of Shakkiareena was discussed, more funding is needed. Talked about tournament fees.
  • Lauttasaari Club T-shirts to be ordered, so that they can be used in team matches.
  • The club room at Lauttasaari church can be used for playing also on Saturdays at 12–16 if needed.
  • We don't start collecting door money, because it could decrease the number of players, and we want to keep the tournaments played at Lauttasaari Club free.

Discussion about different tournaments the club could organize to attract more players:

  • Ashwin Kumar suggested "end game tournament", which could start from a certain position (board members liked idea).
  • Thematic tournaments (by Arto Lindholm) to be continued.
  • Friendly matches could be organized more. A match against Käpylä to be planned.

By secretary Lasse A.

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