24. syyskuuta 2016

Endgame Tournament - Second Edition

On Wednesday, 28.9.2016, we will play the second edition of the Endgame Tournament.

The first edition was quite a success, and was particularly interesting for newcomers to play since it made the playing field a bit more even. We welcome players to come and test their endgame skills once again!

The goal of the tournament is to help us improve our endgame skills since this is an area where we can improve a lot, but don't practice much. Many of our recent matches in long game and blitz game tournaments have been won and lost in the endgames. The tournament has been designed to test our skills at converting advantages into wins and fighting hard to hold a draw.

Format is the same as last time.

Format for each round:

  • An endgame position will be presented.
  • The position will give a slight edge to one side.
  • Both players will play on each side – White & Black, that is, 2 games between the same players with colors reversed.


  • The scoring will be from 0–2 pts. For example, if you win one game and draw one game, you get 1½ pts.
    If you win both games, you get 2 pts.

Time Control:

  • This will be determined based on number of players present. Most likely 5'+02" or 3'+02".

See you on Wednesday!

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