1. elokuuta 2017

The Art of the Blitz - Last Tips

Stick to the basics
Don't try to play chess that's too fancy for you. You have been playing for many years, and what you are today is a result of all those years of hard work. Rely on that experience, and stick to basic simple chess.

Stick to familiar territory
Play your openings the way you know how to. Direct the games towards positions that you are familiar with. If your opponent surprises you in the opening, take a calm step back and re-assess your options. Typically, I would avoid going deeper into his opening territory even though it's probably the best move. Instead, I would play a safe move that allows him a mild positional edge, which is fine as long as I take out most of the opening traps that he might have planned.

Keep an eye on the clock
Remember to have the mental flexibility to change your plans as the game progresses. Having a time edge is a big advantage in the last 1-2 minutes because of the flexibility it offers you - e.g. if you suddenly find yourself in a disadvantageous position you can keep up the pressure by prolonging the game in an attempt to win on time.

Keep up the intensity
Players are drained after so many games, especially on Day 2. Your biggest edge is in simply boosting your own intensity and mental alertness. On day 2, depending on the situation, some players might be mentally shattered as a result of having lost almost all of their games. You should search for this emotion in their body language and capitalize on it by exuding calm confidence and creating that aura of invincibility that will make him subconsciously expect to lose to you.

Shake it off
It's easier said than done, but one of the keys to success in the mega-blitz tournaments is to shake off the bad feeling from a loss. It doesn't matter if you screwed up. It doesn't matter if you should have won but lost it. Life goes on. Shake it off and out of your head so you can focus with the intensity of a tiger for the next game.

Enjoy the game
Last but not least. None of us are champions or anything. There's nothing significant on the line for us.. so just enjoy the game, respect your opponents, and have fun. But remember to stay focused and intense.

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