17. syyskuuta 2019

JSM: EtVaS 4 - LauttSSK 2 1-4

A Smooth Start to the Season

Teräsalo Kari (1749) - Kivinen Jyrki (2013) 1-0
Mikkola Sakari (1756) - Sobenin Evgeny (1993) 0-1
Pölkki Eino (1698) - Nyrhinen Harri (1989) 0-1
Turunen Tiina (1603) - Tuovinen Jukka (1991) 0-1
Patosalmi Samu (U10 1359) - Kumar Ashwin (1904) 0-1

We were heavy favorites coming into the match. But I must admit, I was a bit nervous when I saw that my opponent was this U10 boy Samu Patosalmi. You never know who the next young superstar is, right? He played the opening like any modern day master, until things got a little messy, after which his tactical shortcomings got exposed. My game ended a bit earlier than the rest, so I didn't get to see how the other games finished. But, here's what I did see...

Jyrki Kivinen had a pretty even game against Kari Teräsalo, but couldn't hold on to his isolated pawn in a heavy pieces endgame, probably because his king was a bit exposed. His opponent managed to activate his king better and I guess ended up converting it to a win.

Evgeny had a passive but solid position against Sakari Mikkola, and just when the pressure was starting to build, he played a momentum shifting d5, which I think surprised Sakari a bit, and I guess he finished it off thereafter.

Harri Nyrhinen had a seemingly promising flank attack on his opponent's queen-side castled king, but it had lost some of its bite by the time I came around, and in fact it looked like the young kid Eino Pölkki might snap back with a sharp tactic (h5 followed by e5). But, I suppose Harri found a way to counter-snap.

Jukka Tuovinen played a solid slow grinding positional game against Tiina Turunen and eeked out a passed pawn advantage which I suppose he converted to a win.

Job well done guys! On to the next one.

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