15. lokakuuta 2011

JSM: LauttSK 1 – ESK 2

In the 2nd round of the JSM 2011–2012 tournament, October 15, 2011, the 2nd division match Lauttasaaren Shakkikerho – Espoon Shakkikerho 2 ended 2–1:

1. Pekka Kauppala (2119) – Arto Lindholm (1960) ½–½
2. Jyrki Heikkinen (2062) – Sippo Puroila (1893) 1–0
3. Per Ertbjerg (2035) – Esa Kokko (1846) 1–0
4. Evgeny Sobenin (1935) – Tero Lehtinen (1871) ½–½
5. Seppo Järvinen (1891) – Seppo Karasmäki (1749) 0–1

Boards 3–4 left, boards 1–4 of LauttSK 2 match right

As usual, the match was very narrow, even though we were favorites based on the ratings. The games on the boards 3–4 lasted almost 2 hours longer than the other games. Finally Evgeny was able to draw a difficult endgame, and thanks to Per's successful debut in our JSM team, we won the match.

I felt quite desperate in the following position as White:

I missed the winning move 23.Qxf7+!, so the game continued 23.Nf5+ gxf5 24.Qg5+ and White had a winning advantage, but Black would have struggled more with 23...Kh7! 24.d6!.

The club was crowded again as we had 3 home matches there. The end result was quite perfect: all our teams won, and are leading their sections.

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